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Remote Logger is a professional remotely deployable keylogger, the best solution for monitoring
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11 April 2015

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In many offices there is an apparent need to monitor the activities of their employees with an eye on detecting unauthorized activity. One of the easiest ways to achieve the same involves using a keylogger like Remote Logger 2.21 which can launch a whole battery of surveillance measures against targeted PCs. The tool can be used to track nearly anything that is typed on the monitored systems, including login ids and passwords. In fact the tool can used to discover the browsing habits of your employees along with the programs they tend to run. Moreover the tool works in a stealth mode and cannot be discovered by antivirus or antispyware tools.

On launch the Remote Logger 2.21 application sports a rather stylish dark hued interface that is clearly structured. To start with you can click on the Build Logger and Options button to customize the application to your needs. You can assign it to track specific systems in an effective manner. The interface presents different sections like Websites and Outlook to track the activities related to them. In other words all the websites and emails that go through the system are duly tracked. By clicking on Screenshots you get to view images of the desktop and other applications while hitting on the Keystrokes button would display all the key depressions made by the user. At any point of time you can click on any day on the calendar to view details for that specific day. Moreover you can start or stop the program at any moment. The program incidentally logs all conversations taken over instant messengers.

Without a shred of doubt the Remote Logger 2.21 application stands head and shoulder ahead of its peers. For its intelligent feature set and neat interface we mark the application with a score of four rating stars.

Publisher's description

Remote Logger is a professional remotely deployable keylogger, the best solution for monitoring your whole network. Remote Logger runs silently at the lowest level of Windows to prevent the monitored users from removing the software. Remote Logger intercepts all user names and passwords secretly, in complete stealth mode! This includes secure user logins/passwords as well as html based user logins/passwords. Remote Logger records all computer activities including keystrokes, internet history, opened windows, conversations on instant messengers including AOL, YAHOO, SKYPE, ICQ, MSN and AIM etc.
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Remote Logger sends the reports to your email address in perfect stealth mode! Remote Logger is absolutely undetectable, it cannot be found even by computer experts!
Remote Logger
Remote Logger
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